DIY: How to Upcycle your Chipped Coffee Mugs

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DIY: How to Upcycle your Chipped Coffee Mugs

Coffee Mug Planters


Lately, bad luck struck my favorite coffee mugs. They used to be a set of four, a sweet wedding gift from a dear friend. During our lost move, one of them broke, but it was my least favorite one so I just gathered the pieces and disposed them at our recycling bin.

But a few days ago, I was going to make some tea, to relax and enjoy my book while my little one was napping. I boiled water, poured it into the mug, added honey and a teabag of my favorite tea, and then left for few minutes to go check on my little miss.

After a while, I returned and there was a small pod around my favorite mug. My thought at the moment? "I must have dropped a little water and didn't notice it, just clean it and it will be ok". I took my mug and went to the leaving-room to relax and read that book I mentioned... I let my mug at the coffee table and started reading, took a sip of tea, read a little more, drank some more tea, read a few more pages and after a while, I realized that I had a nicely tea-stained coffee table... My favorite mug was cracked!!!

I didn't have the heart to throw it away, it was a perfectly looking mug (except from the small part that I wasn't able to drink my tea anymore), so I decided to turn it into a planter.

Fast-forward a few days later, the third mug suffered a minor accident while I was washing the dishes and it ended up with a chipped lip... yay! One extra planter for me! Now my husband is wondering why there are plants in the mugs over the kitchen window!

So below, you will be able to find a fast tutorial on how to up-cycle your old coffee mugs and turn them into succulent planters! The steps are easy and simple.

Materials Needed:
❖ One Unlucky Coffee Mug
❖ Pebbles, Gravel, or Pumice Stones
❖ Potting Soil
❖ Succulent of your Choice
❖ Spray Bottle filled with Water

1st Step: Add about a handful of your pebbles at the bottom of your mug. If you wish, you can drill a hole for drainage but I choose to use pumice stones and let the mug as it is.

2nd Step: Fill the mug halfway with your potting soil.

3rd Step: Carefully remove your succulent from its container and set it on of the soil.

4th Step: Fill the mug with more soil until the roots are completely covered.

5th Step: Spray your succulent with some water and voila!

Just remember that since the mugs don't have holes, you have to be careful with the watering!


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