Yoga Challenge: Work Asanas

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Yoga Challenge: Work Asanas

Yoga Challenge - #WorkAsanas


Get the chance to win awesome prizes by participating in this yoga challenge! Beatriz (@apomerbeatriz), Sarah (@namastefromsarah) and Chandra (@chandrayogahawaii) are hosting this awesome 7-day challenge & we are happy to be sponsoring this event!

Join US KNOW!!!

Practice yoga everywhere... not only at work!! Show us your favorite spot to do yoga! From March 1st to March 7th , come and join us! Since work takes up a lot of our time, why not join a challenge where you can participate while at work?
All levels are welcome, all modifications and variations of the poses are also welcome!!


Fellow  Amazing and Generous Sponsors:
@chickensandyoga (pair of leggings)
@morpho_jewels - US winner.
@solstice_ltd - US winner.
@oilsforeveryfamily - US winner.


For those that like to plan ahead, here is the list of poses. TWO POSES, YOU PICK YOUR FAVORITE ONE!!
Day 1 - Any Warrior
Day 2 - Bow or Wheel
Day 3 - Any Inversion
Day 4 - Dancer or Sugar Cane
Day 5 - Dolphin or DownWard Facing Dog
Day 6 - Wild Thing or Reverse Plank
Day 7 - Yogis Choice


Rules are simple: Re-post our banner, invite some friends, use our hashtag, TAG and FOLLOW ALL hosts and sponsors and just have fun!

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