Amethyst Stone Bracelet

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This elegant leather bracelet has Amethyst gemstones bound with colorful thread. It is perfect for all of you who have been born in February! It is created with love and holds positive energy!

Amethyst is known as a "Sobriety Stone" and its name derives from the ancient Greek ἀ a- ("not") and μέθυστος méthystos ("intoxicated"). It is believed that the stone protects its owner from drunkenness.

The sample bracelet is made of BROWN leather and a LILAC cord. You can choose between brown or black leather and a large variety of cord colors. For an optimum fit be sure to check our sizing guidelines. If you wish for a different gemstone, feel free to contact us.

❖ Width: 1.6cm (0.63 inches) approximately

❖ Soft Leather (100% Greek Leather)
❖ Light Amethyst Beads

Optional: Your bracelet can be further personalized with the engraved "secret message" of your choice.

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