Cancer Leather Bookmark

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Is your friends birthday closing in? Is he a bookworm? Do they love astronomy? If the answers are all "Yes", then we have the perfect gift for them! This handmade leather bookmark is the ideal choice! It features the constellation of Cancer and it can be customized and personalized according to your needs!

Cancer is the fourth astrological sign in the zodiac and a constellation. Cancer is usually represented by the crap. According to Greek mythology, Karkinos was a giant crab, that harassed Heracles during his fight with the Hydra.

The sample bookmark is made of BROWN leather and an IRISH GREEN cord (as depicted in the pictures).

❖ Length: 15cm (6 inches) approximately
❖ Width: 4cm (1.57 inches) approximately

❖ Soft Leather (100% Greek Leather)

Optional: Your bookmark can be further personalized with the engraved initials,name, message of your choice.

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