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Runic Viking Leather Bracelet

You will receive a leather bracelet similar to the one shown in the photos with the runes of your choice stamped. You can choose up to five (5) runes. If you prefer another color for the cord, other than the ones available from the drop down menu, please contact me to let you know which colors are in stock. If you wish for a specific patina color for the runes, let me know. We can combine the available inks to create the tone you wish.

Classic and Elegant bracelet.
Made from scratch with extra love.
This bracelet is made of soft brown leather with extra love! Each bracelet is created according to your preferences! Black and brown leather are both available. Please bear in mind that if you choose our adjustable design, the smallest you will be able to adjust it is the size you choose.

The sample bracelet is made of BLACK leather, ONYX patina and a FOREST GREEN cord. You can choose between brown or black leather and a large variety of cord colors. For an optimum fit be sure to check our sizing guidelines.

Aluminum Tag Measurements: 4cm (1.57 inches) x 1cm (0.4 inches) approximately

❖ Soft Leather (100% Greek Leather)
❖ Hand-Stamped Aluminum Tag

Available Runes:
❖ (1) Fehu: Success/ Money/ Cattle/ Wealth.
❖ (2) Uruz: Physical Strength/ Mental strength/ Health.
❖ (3) Thurisaz: Protection Against Negativity & Negative Energy/ Warning/ Pride.
❖ (4) Ansuz: Knowledge/ Wisdom/ Communication.
❖ (5) Raido: A Journey/ Union/ Re-Union/ Personal Destiny.
❖ (6) Kauno: Heat/ Light/ Enlightenment.
❖ (7) Gebo: Love/ Partnership/ Forgiveness/ Gift/ Talent.
❖ (8) Wunjo: Happiness/ Emotional Satisfaction/ Joy.
❖ (9) Hagalaz : Evolution/ Regeneration.
❖ (10) Naudiz: Craving/ Desire/ Self- Preservation.
❖ (11) Isaz, Isa: Ice/ Lack of Change/ Standstill.
❖ (12) Jera, Jeran: Abundance/ Fertility/ Success.
❖ (13) Ihwaz, Eihwaz: Endurance/ Protection/ Prevention.
❖ (14) Perth, Pertho: Mystery/ Chance/ Science/ Technology.
❖ (15) Algiz: Protection/ Sanctuary.
❖ (16) Sowilo, Sigil, Sol: Wholeness/ Light/ Energy/ Victory/ Discovery.
❖ (17) Tiwaz, Teiwaz, Tyr: Courage/ Bravery/ Dedication.
❖ (18) Berkanan, Beorc, Bjarkan: Growth/ Fertility/ Re-Birth/ New Life.
❖ (19) Ehwaz, Eoh: Travel/ Partnership.
❖ (20) Mannaz: Humanity/ Inner Being/ Soul/ Rational Intelligence.
❖ (21) Laguz, Logr: Journey/ Intuition/ Water.
❖ (22) Ingwaz, Inguz: Harmony/ Potency/ Unity/ Love/ Peace.
❖ (23) Othila, Odal: Family/ Home/ Homeland/ Hearth/ Inheritance
❖ (24) Dagaz, Daeg: Security/ Clarity/ Dawn.

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