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The Triple Spiral (aka Triskelion) is an ancient symbol that many different civilizations used in decorations for their every day life. It originates from the Greek language, with the word Tri-skeli (meaning Three Legs/Limbs/Paths/ Points of view) showing a beautiful harmonious symmetry, as well as the different paths one can take. Help your loved ones remember that there are always more than two sides in every coin, by offering them a Triskelion bracelet to aid them in finding their own perspective.

The Triskelion, also known as "Triskele", is an ancient Celtic symbol consisting of a triple spiral exhibiting rotational symmetry. Its name derives from the Greek word "Triskeles", meaning "Three Legs" and it's believed to represent the "Τhree Ρealms" - Land, Sea and Sky.

The sample bracelet is made of BLACK leather and a BLOODY RED cord. You can choose between brown or black leather and a large variety of cord colors. For an optimum fit be sure to check our sizing guidelines.

Charm's Measurements: 1.2cm (0.47 inches) approximately

❖ Soft Leather (100% Greek Leather)
❖ Silver-Tone Lead & Nickel Free Charm

Optional: Your bracelet can be further personalized with the engraved "secret message" of your choice.

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