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Handmade Polymer Clay Buttons.

!!! A T T E N T I O N !!!
The caramel brown buttons with the flowers are NOT suitable for machine-wash, dry cleaning or anything similar.

Material: Polymer Clay
Color: Dark Brown/Red, Caramel Brown/Pastel Yellow, Yellow
❖ [Dark Brown/Red] Small Buttons: 1.8cm (0.70 inches) x 1.8cm (0.70 inches) approximately
❖ [Caramel Brown/Pastel Yellow] Small Buttons: 2.3cm (0.90 inches) x 2cm (0.79 inches) approximately
❖ [Yellow] Large Buttons: 3cm (1.18 inches) x 2.5cm (1 inch) approximately
Quantity: NINE (9) Buttons

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