Amethyst Bubble Leather Brooch

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If you want to enhance your plain sweaters, search no more! An elegant purple bubble brooch, with stunning Amethyst and Czech Glass Seed beads is sure to attract the gaze!

Amethyst is known as a "Sobriety Stone" and its name derives from the ancient Greek ἀ a- ("not") and μέθυστος méthystos ("intoxicated"). It is believed that the stone protects its owner from drunkenness.

❖ Length: 6.5cm (2.55 inches) approximately
❖ Width: 4cm (1.57 inches) & 2.7cm (1 inch) approximately

❖ Soft Dark Purple Up-Cycled Leather (100% Greek Leather)
❖ Amethyst Chips
❖ Black Felt
❖ Czech Glass Seed Beads