Amethyst Stones Black Leather Bib Necklace

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This is an elegant and eerie pendant made of Greek leather and engraved with a pyrography tool. The engraving is linear and abstract, enhanced with colorful ink. Teardrop-shaped leather pieces are sown together to create a half-bloomed dark flower, with gemstones attached to its pedals. This necklace is part of our "Dark Geometry" collection. You can find more designs here.

The sample pendant is made of BLACK leather, a LILAC cord, DARK PURPLE ink and AMETHYST stones. You can choose among a large variety of gemstones, inks and colorful cords.

Centerpiece's Measurements: 4.8cm (1.9 inches) x 2.6cm (1.1 inches) approximately

❖ Black Leather (100% Greek Leather)
❖ Lead and Nickel Free Findings
❖ Ink Suitable For Leather
❖ Amethyst Beads

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