Apatite Stone Polymer Clay Pendant

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...Straight thought the depths of the troll forest, bound with the tears of the fallen elves, this beautiful and unique pendant holds the power of the magic realm of Oblithe...

Blue Apatite is the Stone of Manifestation with deeply spiritual links to the paranormal. The name Apatite derives from a Greek word "Απατείν" meaning "to deceive" , "to be misleading" because due to the variety of colors and formations it may lead someone to believe it's a different stone. 

❖ Cord's Length: 100cm (39 inches) approximately
❖ Pendant: 2.4cm (0.94 inches) x 5.7cm (2.24 inches) approximately

❖ Polymer Clay
❖ Artificial Suede Cord
❖ Blue Apatite Stone

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