Artistic Black Rose Hematite Pendant

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Ethereal lines curving around a bold hematite stone, adorned with black roses creating this one-of-a-kind necklace. It is the perfect piece of jewelry to be worn with your little black dress!

Hematite took its name from the Greek word for blood αἷμα (haimais). It is a "stone for the mind" and is used to balance energies as well as spiritual protection.

Black roses have their origins in the fairy-tale world and are actually deep red or deep purple in color. It is considered that black roses symbolize death, mortality and mourning but also a new beginning towards the unknown.

❖ Length: 7.2cm (2.83 inches) approximately
❖ Width: 5.5cm (2.16 inches) approximately
❖ Cord's Length: 100cm (39 inches) approximately

❖ Polymer Clay
❖ Artificial Suede Cord
❖ Hematite Stone

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