Celtic Triquetra Leather Bracelet

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This bracelet has a classic design and it's completely customizable! So you get to choose the leather color you prefer, the colorful details, what size you wish it to be and which closure is the best for you!

The Triquetra is an ancient celtic symbol, also known as a rune of protection, which means “triangle” or “three” (tri-) “cornered” (Quetrus). With the passage of time it has become the symbol of Holy Trinity and it usually represents the three fundamental elements – air, water, and earth or the infinite cycle of life.

The sample bracelet is made of BROWN leather and a FOREST GREEN cord. You can choose between brown or black leather and a large variety of cord colors. For an optimum fit be sure to check our sizing guidelines.

Charm's Measurements: 1.7cm (0.67 inches) approximately

❖ Soft Leather (100% Greek Leather)
❖ Silver-Plated Pewter Charm (Made In USA)

Optional: Your bracelet can be further personalized with the engraved "secret message" of your choice.

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