Pirate Skull Leather Keychain ~

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Pirate Skull Black Leather Key-chain.

A beautiful leather key fob with a pirate skull charm and colorful binding.
It is made of high quality leather.

The Skull & Crossbones symbol consists of a human skull and two long bones crossed together under or behind the skull. The design is a symbol of death and a common memento mori on tombstones. Since the dawn of the 14th century it became associated with Piracy.

❖ Length (Without The Key Ring): 7.5cm (2.95 inches) approximately
❖ Width: 2.75cm (1.1 inches) approximately
❖ Ring's Size: 2.7cm (1 inch) approximately
❖ Thickness: 0.4cm (0.16 inches) approximately

❖ Soft Black Leather (100% Greek Leather)
❖ Lead & Nickel FREE Charm
❖ Stainless Steel Key-Ring

DEFAULT Option: In case you don't inform me with your preferences, you will receive a key-ring with BLACK leather and WINE RED cord.

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