Green Apatite & Peridot Polymer Clay Pendant

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A beautiful and dreamy pendant with two small rough green apatite stones and peridot chips. This pendant is one of a kind and it's made with extra love.

Green Apatite is a stone that is connected directly to the heart. The name Apatite derives from a Greek word "Απατείν" meaning "to deceive" , "to be misleading" because due to the variety of colors and formations it may lead someone to believe it's a different stone. 

Peridot is a gemstone known for its "good luck" vibes. Peridot, also called "The Study Stone", was the stone of the old physicians, as it was used to cure several maladies.

❖ Pendant: 1.5cm (0.6 inches) x 3.4cm (1.34 inches) approximately

❖ Polymer Clay
❖ Black Cotton Cord
❖ Green Apatite Stones
❖ Peridot Stones

NOTE: If you wish for a longer or a shorter necklace, don't hesitate to contact me. Also in case you prefer other type of cord instead of the cotton one or specific type of closure let me know.

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