Triple Moon Quartz Crystal Pendant

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An elegant and unique pendant, sculpted with love from polymer clay with a raw quartz crystal centerpiece adorned with a triple moon. This pendant is dedicated to the Goddess, an ode to the moonlight magic!

The Triple Goddess is a deity represented by three female figures known as the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone, each one symbolizing a different step of the female life circle and the phases of the moon.

Clear Quartz is a divine gift of Mother Earth and is also called Rock Crystal or Ice Crystal, which derives from the Greek word "krystallos", with one of each interpretations meaning "ice", as crystal was believed to be water frozen so hard it could never thaw.

❖ Length: 5.2cm (2.05 inches) approximately
❖ Width: 1.3cm (0.51 inches) approximately
❖ Cord's Length: 100cm (39 inches) approximately

❖ Polymer Clay
❖ Artificial Suede Cord
❖ Quartz Stone

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